Young Adult | Sci-fi | Space Opera

Three hundred years ago, a devastating war forced humanity to flee Earth. A superior race of humans evolved on the Moon with one mission: to restore Earth's atmosphere for recolonization. With an artificial intelligence system known as Direct orchestrating life, the colony is closer than ever to achieving their goal.

But life on the Moon is about to change. Pollo, a mid-teen of the colony, is unexpectedly contacted by a glitch in the tightly controlled communication system. His curiosity to solve the mysterious messages, against the authority's will, may cost him his return to Earth; or worse, seeking the truth could cost him his life!

Pollo quickly realizes he's caught up in something much greater than he ever imagined. His contact with the glitch puts the whole system in peril. His whole world unravels when he finds out the colony is keeping a dark secret. Maybe restoring Earth isn't the colony's mission after all.


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Born Jacob Michael Yale, "Jake" is an American YA author, artist, and educator currently residing in New York. He holds a masters degree in journalism and a bachelors degree in fine arts. Inspired to write fiction for the reluctant reader, he is currently seeking representation for his 2019 debut novel ANIMALS ON THE MOON.



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